On day 6/30 of the #WinterBloggingChallenge we have to tell you, dear readers why we do want we do. Blogging. The question I always find hard to respond to is why I do the things that I do. I haven’t had the chance to get around to a reason why I am a blogger or why I even started blogging.

Blogging is something I admired the day I started using internet. I was lured into blogging by those fancy European and American bloggers who have figured out how making money while blogging works. I told myself I wanted that. By then I used to keep a small book I would scribble some thoughts and be happy that I have done so. I thought with a blog, I could publish those thoughts and feed someone with whatever is on my mind. However it took me some time to actually get to a “blog blog”.

I believe the reason I managed to finally do the blogging lifestyle is my passion for writing. I have now realised I can practice the writing culture according to my pace and with my rules. This has given me a chance to nature and nurture my writing skills. Instead of scribbling on a piece of paper that I will lose, I trust the internet to keep my thoughts for me, lest I forget what I used to think.

Although there’s not much money if at all I’ve earned while blogging, I’m enjoying it. That’s why I keep on writing. I have moved from the status of of “aspiring writer” to being an actual “writer”. I don’t know who is responsible for me not getting an opportunity of being employed as a writer and for now I don’t care that much. I know the online community will recognise me, if they haven’t done that already, as a writer. That alone has been encouraging enough to keep on writing, blogging.

Blogging has managed to keep me entertained by cruising through other bloggers’ sites. I read their stories stories, posts and I love 98% of their writings. I am learning from them and each of them inspire me in their own way. I just imagine myself being in a community of people I know through their blogs and not by voice or face just by their words. I wonder if I would ever get to meet any of them at all.

Through blogging, I am simply feeding my soul with what it desires. Offloading and unloading and sharing what my mind has been making out.

I’m still on the challenge 😉. 6/30✓
Chipo K

2 thoughts on “Why I started blogging.”

  1. I have found it is often difficult to chase a dream for most people. Perhaps it is because of the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, or the fear of how people may perceive you. Either way I guess, fear is the primary factor for sitting back and choosing not to grow one’s passion and talent. You have set a great precedence and perhaps found the key to a happy life.

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