After a break up, when all the crying, all the insults, all the “Am I not good enough?” Questions have been asked, what’s next?

The first days of a break up are spent with too much insults, regrets, crying and the obvious questions, “what went wrong?” “Am I not good enough?”. All this is done and hardly a question of ” where to go from here?” Is asked. To much focus is directed on what has happened and we forget that there is moving on.

Then we will learn that moving on is not easy, or is it?. No matter how much you loved them, when Bae is gone, Bae is gone. What do you next? Eventually you will need to move on too. I learnt to let Bae go and accept my time has come and gone. Accepting that my season has passed helped me move in. After a period of crying over him and doing all those things heartbroken people do, I realised I have wasted a lot of time, energy and effort on nothing productive. Then the moving on came and here’s a guide to how I did it.

  • Do not wallow in pain too much. Deal with the pain but do not make it your main focus. That will break your heart. Give it three days to cry and four is more than enough. The ones who left are not worth your tears. Especially if he cheated, it means he wasn’t yours, your one wouldn’t do that.
  • Talk about it. Have a friend, if need be, a therapist to talk to if you cannot do that alone. Listen to what they have to say, and be careful not to listen to toxic advice.
  • Never say “I can’t live without them.” Do not give them that satisfaction. Yes you can live without them. You lived once before you met, you can live. Simple. You can’t have have what you can’t live without. Be positive about you.
  • Adopt a new hobby. Go to the gym, do some gardening, dog walking, anything that will use your time and attention. Slowly you will drift away from their memories, slowly you will learn to forget and start to move forward.
  • Give yourself a whole lot of love. Do not forget you need to love yourself. If u cannot, who will? Give yourself some pampering, treat yourself.
  • While you’re busy moving on, do not forget there’s someone out there waiting to love you. Don’t take too long grieving for the one that got away. Take your time to heal not forgetting to heal while moving on.

Know your not moving on for your ex. You’re doing it for yourself. Make a great person out of it. Do it for you. You will enjoy it.

Above all, we live once and we die once. Do not lose yourself over an ex. He’s not worth it.

Be awesome!

P.S views and comments are all accepted.

Chipo K

4 thoughts on “When Bae is gone…what next? And how?”

  1. if i may ask does crying help sme1 to recover, from yr loss??????

    *’While you’re busy moving on, do not forget there’s someone out there waiting to love you’*
    i lyk the abv statement only wsh tht all ladies (to b spcfic) out there hear this

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