A lot of people in Europe, Asia or in the Americas believe Africa is one dark country with its population traveling barefoot on the back of donkeys. Perhaps you are one of them. They have told you we are generations behind on technology and urbanisation. I cannot blame them, they are just believing what they are told. I mean, we all believe what our media tells us and a few history books for further references.

There is a lot you cannot know about Africa. This is so because no one will tell you about it, or no one believes it to be true. Africa is more than game parks and wild animals. It is more than the Victoria Falls, that you were told it is in South Africa when it is actually at the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is more than the stories of Boko Haram we have heard on the news.

Africa is more than the brutality of the state security services on  civilians experienced in Zimbabwe and Sudan. Way more than the internet shutdown in both countries to conceal the evil acts of the forces which are meant to protect the civilians. It is more than the Apartheid era of South Africa. It’s is actually way more than the Kalahari or the Sahara deserts.

A few things to know about Africa.


Mimmie Tarukwana. Bulawayo songbird. One of the hidden treasures of Africa.

We do have hitmakers here. Africa has amazing musicians and dancers. Song and dance has been a great part of the African culture, no matter which tribe you come from, there is a dance linked to your tribe. Centuries ago music and dance was a mode of communication in the African communities. It is through that most Africans tell their stories. Stories that make us the history of Africa. Stories that make Africa what it is. Give me African music anytime and my soul would be happy all the way. I bet you have not yet heard about an African music that touches your soul and moves your being.


They will not mention how rich our cultures are . Cultural symbols which were meant to maintain our humanity. Because it is not their culture, they will only tell you that our traditions are darkness and savage. You will only be told how they ripped apart our cultural values in the name of “bringing light to Africa”. The culture that brought respect among our communities together and tribes at peace. Never in the books of history will you hear of war among African countries, except of the few raids where a certain clan, tribe or kingdom was looking for food. Not war but simple raids.


Africa has as much ambitious youths as any other continent. Ambition is want drives the youth to work hard and get where they are today, either in politics, media, and all other academic disciplines. Ambitions driven by dreams to make African countries a better place to live on.


Who doesn’t love an African woman? They are graceful, beautiful, well mannered and strongest of the human species. What they touch and were their go, there’s grace and love all over. These women have dreams, not to just get married and bear children but to also build their communities and countries respectively. We have a saying, ‘musha mukadzi’ meaning a home is a woman. The heart of an African woman is the best place anyone can be.

Africa has been my home and will forever be, no one will tell you that about me and my Africa.

Chipo K

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  1. As an ethnocentric, I love black pride and the beautiful African culture.
    Also, mimmie is a gem. Thank you for sharing.



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