Lately I have found myself drawn to local music, Bulawayo music. This has led me to discover new artists and some hidden music gems all over the city. I just love good music and on a good day I bumped upon this song, Sorry Not Sorry.

Sorry not Sorry is a Hip-Hop/Trap song by Excellence Music Records (EMR).  The song features artists which include Colour, Martin Jonatao and Frixx.

The song drew my attention immediately when I heard it. It’s one of the beautiful pieces made in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and I haven’t had any regrets listening to it. The mix of both English and Ndebele languages throughout the song made sure the Bulawayo roots are not lost and made the listener (me) aware of the identity of the music.

It is almost there on the international standards and for that I am proud of the makers of this song. One cannot easily guess where the song is from without hearing the Ndebele mix into track.

The Beats: I am not an expert in those areas. The rating will come from how I felt the song. It has a good beat. It can get your head pumping and your feet stomping at the same time.

Lyrics: they are clean. Well I couldn’t hear most of them (probably because it’s a rap and the words come out fast). Nonetheless it is a clean song. Less cursing or not at all.

Would I put it at the top of my playlist?: Not my everyday playlist but yes I would. However I know I would enjoy listening to it at a party. I like to sing along to my music and this one doesn’t give me that option due to its tempo.

Would you recommend?: Definitely to other Hip-Hop fans, yes. I know they will not regret listening to it. It is worth buying.

How would you rate the song from one to five? (1 being least satisfied and 5 being greatly satisfied) : I give the song 3*.

I got another Music Reviewer to send in their views on the song and this is what he had to say:

“The beautiful thing about reviewing Bulawayo music is there is vast and dynamic range of talent that one discovers everyday and the artists behind the music always bring their ‘A’ game, all thanks to that hunger that pushes every creative. I must admit, I have never been faced with the task of reviewing hip hop/ trap music; I have always been the one to shy away from these genres, here goes nothing!  
Here we have almost 5 minutes of upbeat, up tempo, I am tempted to say feel good music but because of the lyrical contents that are basically captured by the song title, it is more of a smug song but in a good way if that makes any sense at all.
This song by ERM featuring Colour, Matin Jonatao and Frixx, presumably upcoming artists, can easily put that spring in your step or have you dancing while behind the steering (speaking from experience).
One can pick up elements of other already established hip hop acts, a good strategy, chances of winning staunch fans of that genre are at a maximum as they can relate and identify with this song.
Having listened to the song a number of times, I still have no fair knowledge and understanding of the lyrics; some of the parts of the song are inaudible mainly because the tempo is too fast, and rightfully so I think. Remember I am no hip hop/trap expert but isn’t this exactly what hip hop is about, the flawless flow of bars as fast as one can?
There are parts of the song that sound auto tuned (I may be wrong), and as an individual that strongly believe in acoustics, that brought about a little disappointment.
I appreciate how all the artists involved in this song use both English and Ndebele; it brings the sound closer to home. Had it been in all English, I doubt one would be able to roughly tell the origins of the song all thanks to the almost international standard production.
Rating the song out of 5 stars, with 1 being the worst and 5 the best, I would give it a firm 3 and a half stars…” ~ Emmanuel ‘Qhawe’ kaNdlovu.

Here are links to the song Sorry Not Sorry.  Go ahead and listen to it and bring back some feedback through the comments section. EMR would love to hear from you as well

Audiomack stream & download link

Mediafire download link

Soundcloud stream & download link



P.S: I would love to see EMR growing. Seeing them grow their music and flourishing would be a great deal to them and the industry.

Martin Jonatao


Chipo K

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