What is it with Africans and getting married? My birthday is days away and everyone in my family is concerned about when am I getting married. “Hello! I’m turning 25 and y’all don’t even think that’s huge?” – sometimes I want to scream.
Is it really that necessary? I mean I haven’t even thought about it and I know I’m not in a hurry.
It really got funny when my niece came up to me and said, “Aunty Chipo, you’re the only one left who is not married. Are we going to your wedding next year?” But does she know that the only thing that keeps me awake is what to write on my next blog post? I am just un-bothered like that. And how in the world is she even thinking about that?
So for the past few years, around this time of the year, someone in the family gets married and my this time around, a cousin I thought was the closest one had a secret wedding… Secret because we only had to know of it a few days before lobola and days later, they tied the knot, officially. Believe me you, I am extremely un-bothered by all of this, and I’m really happy for them. However the rest of the family is looking at me with goggly eyes.
I am still here, lying in my bed thinking? What’s so fascinating about marriage? Do we really need to be pressured on for it?
Your thoughts?

Chipo K

4 thoughts on ““So when are you getting married?””

  1. The Pressure…. every family gathering when they run out of small talk thats the default question; the irony was this one time at a family intervention for a cousin in a abusive relationship it was emotional and edgy one those poster affairs for why one should not get married and after the tears and drama they turn to me and say… Saka Iwe wadii
    And of course other people’s weddings are the worst next time I am getting a pretend fiance just to stop the questions cause they now have me looking in the mirror wondering eish… maybe I really should

  2. people don’t understand that the concept is not getting married but staying married . marriage is a lifetime commitment so take your time

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