Everyone who has a mobile phone must be having it for some reason. The main reason, old fashioned, the reason why phones were invented, is to be able to make calls and send messages . But nowadays, they have evolved to more than that and they are still improving into better and more advanced versions. We now use phones, especially mobile phones for too many reasons including setting off a bomb (I saw that in movies).

My phone has turned into a mini mobile office. I work on it and with it all the same. I even use it for studying most of the times. I have so many applications (apps as most of us call them) installed some of which I don’t know why and some are very unnecessary and I cannot uninstall either.

I have some apps that are very¬† necessary like the phone app, SMS app, and the clock which accommodates my alarms. I have a few apps I know I can’t go anywhere and be anything without them. I constantly log on and off them just to check on what up. I cannot imagine my phone without those apps. They are the main organs of my phone.

Here are are my top five Apps in no particular order.


I mean how else would I be blogging right? It has been the best app for me so far. I can connect with fellow bloggers, discover other bloggers, read their posts like and comment easily. WordPress is a very user friendly app and very easy even for a dummy like me (I’m just being polite, I’m a genius).


Twitter is the reason why I love the internet. It gives me instant news, instant updates and I’ve met a lot of nice people and bloggers through twitter. Whenever I am caught laughing to my phone, twitter is responsible. I’m just addicted to twitter so much that sometimes my thumbs itch if I stay offline way to long (heheh). Twitter keeps me informed of what’s happening. I’m still hoping one day the app developers will add an option of twitter group chats.


WhatsApp is the reason why I bought a smart phone. I call it my “friends and family connect” app. We even keep on checking out those distance relatives of ours through their statuses. Only a few people make it to my top chats and it had provided the best instant messaging scenario according to me. Before the madness in data price hikes, I used to be a master of video calling on WhatsApp.


Google Chrome is just doing it for me. With the option of opening multiple tabs I can Google so much, update so much and the best part, I can keep my tabs on any device open. And yes, I can also read other blogs which are not supported by WordPress. I don’t know why there’s no chat option on Chrome, but I like it like that anyway.


User friendly, reliable. You can even customise your Gmail, give it a look you want. Personalise it. It is just simple and easy to navigate. It also allows one to have multiple Gmail accounts in one app. Fantastic right



I would like to know your favourite apps. You can share on the comments below.

Day 7 of 30 days 30 blog posts done and dusted!


Chipo K

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