The internet contains a tremendous amount of unregulated information.

The Internet

Since the internet is a virtual space filled with loads of information accessible to anyone anytime and anywhere, it is wise to use it wisely.

Most people nowadays use the internet as trolls. People who are constantly constantly sow discord among the online community. A wise student would use the internet to acquire information, learn new skills and keep up to date with what’s going on in the world around them.

The internet is forever. Be careful of what you post online as it will not go away. One day it may be brought up to haunt you.


Blogging is one of the treasures of the internet, for me anyway. I get to put my own thoughts and experiences out there on the internet.

One should not start Blogging with the idea of earning money, some of us did that and when money did not come, we almost gave up. You must know why want to do this.

Chipo K

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