Since the coming of technology, life has proven it be easier.
No one can put out of technology unless they isolate themselves to a mountain on a deep dark forest. To me technology has been a blessing. It has created a safe space for me to hang out.

Here’s some of the reasons why I see technology as a blessing.

makes life convenient

Lives have improved since technology knocked on our doors. Less paperwork and queues in banks (except when you want to withdraw your money from where I come from). Cleaning materials, modes of transport, communication tools have all improved and are still improving. Some of us do not need to go to the shops, thanks to who ever introduced online shopping.

saves time

Now we can communicate with people halfway across the globe instantly. It used to take a pen, paper, an envelope and time to write before going a few kilometres to the post to get a stamp and post your message. Then there’s days of waiting for the letter to reach its destination before you can think about the response. Thanks to technology, we don’t go through anymore. There’s cheaper and faster means of communication now.


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all networking sites. More businesses and jobs have been founded and done through these sites. You get to meet people from all over the world some who have the same interests as yours.

spreading awareness 

Earlier this year, Mozambique, parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi were strikes by a phenomenal, cyclone Idai. Thousands perished. More lives would have been lost, but due to awareness raised through social media and other platforms, funds were raised, rescue efforts were carried in time to save the lives of the survivors. Thanks to technology.

information at the fingertips

My recipes for that killer chicken alá Chipo are one Google search away. There’s a lot of unlimited and unregulated information hanging around the internet. You can learn anything and everything through the internet.


I’m one person who takes YouTube seriously. That’s where most of my entertainment comes from. The internet has a lot to keep one entertained online games, online TV, to mention a couple of things . The world would be a lonely place really, especially for some of us.

Why I am grateful to technology

I would not be running this blog if there was no technology. I wouldn’t have the equipments nor the internet to help me post my stories to share with the world .

I wouldn’t know something’s exist which are not common to my circles, home or my country. I wouldn’t know about the rich cultures around the world .


Chipo K

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