My imagination has turned my mind into Dreamland. I can always not wait to get out of a crowd, be alone and start imagining things, events, situations and drama.

If I could make the first million dollars, that would be through writing. Yes. Putting my imagination into serious business. I’m sure I would love that. I would enjoy it. I will be the happiest business person alive.

Being a writer has been close to my heart and through this blog I believe I’m feeding my passion. (Oh, I can already see myself on a world tour, handing out signed copies of my bestsellers to young women and who will constantly say “my stories inspire them”. That would be a few minutes before signing a contract with a film production company who wants to make a movie out of my book. There goes my imagination again.


Chipo K

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Business”

  1. By the way, how is the book coming along. I hope its coming along nicely. You should be half way through by now😎.
    P.S:I cannot wait for my signed copy. And Kuoka will provide snacks for the launch party(business right)
    Talk about imagination



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