All my twenty-something years of my life, I have acquired necessary skills of survival including milking a goat. I have even practiced some apocalypse survival skills just in case the future happens (I got the idea from watching The 100 among other TV productions). I am still learning how to pray well, according to modern day Christianity standards. But I have some skills which which are at the top of my list that i really wish I knew ho to do them at all.

Friend Well

My biggest wish which is also a part of my 2019 resolutions is to know how to make and keep friends. I have suffered a long struggle of keeping good friends around. Somehow i feel like the friendship has grown old or cold and then it just disappears into the mist. I have lost contact with most of my high school friends although they are trying, some of them, to keep the friendship going. My heart fails me really when I get to the point of friending well. I really want to work on my Friending Skills urgently before I lose Lee (she has been a good friend)

How To Play A Musical Instrument.

Mbira: a traditional musical instrument common in Zimbabwe

My hand-eye coordination is very poor. This has given me a challenge when it comes to me trying to play and instrument. I love the sounds of a piano. I would know the next key I want to strike but somehow i cant get around to do it in time to create that magical melody I am in love with. Its just discomrd everywhere. I had every intention to know how to play a guitar but then, I might be charged with “an attempt to burst your eardrums” offence. Its just wishes to me. Someday I will find all the time in the world to get a very patient teacher who will help me ful-fil my wishes. My wish is to know how to play any musical instrument i can get my hands on, including blowing on a flute.I am just a lover of music, and I wish I knew how to make music as well.

How To Offer Emotional Support

Being an introvert has presented me as a cold person to many people out there. No matter how easy friends and family find it easy to confide in me of their challenges, I simply fail to offer a matching emotional support they need. I just don’t know how to do it. And I do feel bad for that. Sometimes I try but I wish I could do it better.

When I improve on these, I will tell you more of the things I want to know how to do. If anyone is willing to teach a Grade Zero student on music, kindly refer them to me.

Bonus: How To Read Minds.

That is something I could even spend my last dollar on if I have to. Just so I know if I am being lied to. How else will I know if someone is being genuine if I can tpnot peep into their mind? I could feel rich just by walking down the street knowing everybody’s secrets (LOL)

Chipo K

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