The allegations on Robert Sylvester Kelly better known as R Kelly for sexual misconducts caused a media storm. I had no idea what to expect when I first saw the series. To me, it was just a bunch of women trying to get attention off a man whose luck had run out. I was not prepared for the cringeworthy things that were said, revealed and testified on the show.

We all loved and some still love his music. The man had a talent that could not be matched. he even earned the title of King of RnB. He sang moving songs, and we all loved him for it. He was a great artist until a few movements like the #MuteRKelly decided how much enough was enough. The American radio stations decided to shut down his music. His music was banned on all radio stations due to allegation on his sexual misconducts, all of which he denied. this must have been, or it definitely is the death of his career.

The six-hour docuseries attracted more than 26 million viewers and shared the appalling stories of women claiming to have suffered at the hands of the superstar.  The TV show revealed to me the other side of a man whom I also regarded as a superstar. Despite the concrete evidence on all the allegations, he denies it all. It is strange that I have not come across anyone who has anything good to say about him, not even his former employees. they all claim that Robert was not R Kelly.

I got to see and listen to people, women specifically, rise, raise their voices and speak about the abusive behaviours they faced against a man who was our favourite, R Kelly. Women, their families, parents and friends spoke out about their experiences with the man.

It took a lot of courage for all those people to stand up and took them a long time for them to be heard. It is only their courage and ability to stand up that is remarkable. It is their courage to stand up against a very popular, powerful and well-loved men and speak out the truth that really stood out on that series.

Chipo K

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