Again I am caught up in another challenge. The BOTY2019, reflection of the best things we found in 2019. The best things that happened in 2019 most importantly.

There is a list of topics we have to follow as per the rules of the AfroBloggers committee. I am doing this challenge but I am twisting the rules a little. I will follow the topics

There are a few things I will do about these topics.

  1. I will do them all, but not in their respective order. Says something about me and routines. I like to finish my work but I will not follow the given instructions fully, take the easy way out. Routines take away a lot of energy out of me. Call me spontaneous….?
  2. When I did the #WinterABC I discovered a lot of bloggers from Zimbabwe and beyond. I want to discover more, new and old. The reason why I am interested in other bloggers is to learn from them. Learn their art and that will help me grow. Knowing that out there is someone doing the same thing that I am doing pushes me to work some more. I take pride in the fact that interacting with people teaches me a lot. Experience is my greatest teacher of all time. So hey, if you are a blogger out there and reading this, just know you are my teacher… this is the part where you clap your hands and congratulate yourself.
  3. It will keep my brains and hands occupied for the holidays. My holidays are always busy due to family commitments but, that’s not the business that excites me. I will need something to look forward to at the end of a day filled with a lot of cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and taking care of nephews and nieces, who always multiply every year. Knowing that I have some writing to do, and reading as well. Knowing that I will have to read something new to read somewhere online will get me excited with whatever I am doing and finish early and read, and write.


To the AfroBloggers admin community, thank you for bringing us another challenge to keep me occupied. I have another chance to keep me consistent with what I do and what I want to do. Please accept my apologies for not following the rules as you have laid them out. I am not breaking them, I’m just bending them a little. And I will work through all the suggested topics.

Chipo K

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