Blogging is still not a big deal in Africa. It is still a new thing for most of us. A few people I know personally, including my own family, have or had no idea what blogging is. I have to constantly explain to my cousin what exactly is blogging, every time.

Internet connectivity is still an issue in Africa. Not everyone is entirely connected and not everyone can afford to be connected everyday. We need the internet for blogging and internet data rates have contributed to the slower rates of the blogging community. Most, if not all of my followers and potential followers cannot, if at all, afford to follow my blog constantly. This is the major setback for most #AfroBloggers.

Being a new #AfroBlogger has its own struggles. Gaining a following from your community is hard. They cannot see your works due to internet issues. Being consistent with your content has its challenges too, due to internet issues. Internet affordability in particular. With hope, those can be addressed and make our lives better someday soon.

Chipo K

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