Dear Lone Traveller.

It has been years since you’ve been gone. There has been a lot of changes in the past few years. We are glad you are not here to feel the excruciating pains of the situation we have found ourselves in here at home.

Firstly, the man you knew as the president is now our former president. I cannot say more on that.

With him gone, things changed drastically and dramatically. Some of us haven’t known the taste of bread in months. That’s how bad the prices have taken a hike.

Young girls and a few under privileged young ladies cannot even afford to go on their menstruation periods. Sanitary wear is now a luxury accessible to a few elite. The cost of pads is now depressing. We feel the issue needs to be addressed but the doors we have knocked on are locked.

Very soon, if everything goes unchecked, schools will be closed. Three quarters of our population will not be able to afford their children’s school fees. There’s a craze of rates that has arisen. Prices have escalated and most schools are considering to follow suit. The only thing that remains stable is the salaries of the working class.

We are now in a situation whereby a man’s monthly salary is enough to purchase one week’s supply of basic commodities. One cannot afford to save a few bucks for anything. Not even an emergency in the unseen future.

One cannot afford getting sick. The chances of you probably, maybe dying, due to lack of medication are very high. We wish there was a genius who could have invented one major vaccine that prevented all diseases. One would get vaccinated at birth and live the rest of your life without worry. That would be better than thinking of booking a flight to India when you catch a cold.

We haven’t heard from you in a long while. We hope you are well. Tell us more stories of where you are now. You did not give us an update about your trip to the snowy mountains. I would have loved to hear about the bonfires on the mountain peaks.

Take more pictures, send them to us. Tell us more stories from your destinations.

Yours truly

The people from home.

Chipo K

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