We are halfway across the year 2019 and someone said it’s time we check on those resolutions we made at the beginning of the year. We are only left with six months to work on them and if nothing has been done yet it means we’re in for some extreme sport, racing against time, maybe, to score some goals. As we are also six months away from new resolutions.

I did not have a long list of resolutions this year. I knew I could not keep up with them, that is if any situation beyond me came up. I, just like everyone else have a hard time sticking to plans and living life as well. My list was the shortest with only three items which I know in my own way are going on very well.

I had resolved to not live life trying to impress the next person. I should say it is going on well. I have never been happier. No one told me how much peace I could have within me through this exercise. Instead of worrying about what someone thinks about me, I’m seeing different people, new people come into my life. People who are accepting who I am. It was time I made life about me for me and I’m glad it happened.

My next resolution was to laugh more in 2019 than in 2018. Whoever said laughter is a good medicine knew what they were talking about. My heart is lighter and life has never been merrier. The number of people I can rely on for friendship is even growing. (Goodbye grumpy me) I’m sticking to this resolution.

Recently I started working on my third resolution, to acquire as much knowledge as I can. I have been using every opportunity I get to educate myself of different skills and it’s working. Everything is going on well.

As I was sticking to my resolutions I lost my job along the way. However this must have been due to office politics or whatever. Due to resolution number two, I feel no regrets of being able to walk away from a toxic environment I used to work in. I have a strong feeling something will come up anyhow. That is one loss I have experienced so far and lessons were learnt.

How about you? How are you keeping to your resolutions? I believe your goals are being settled and is everything going according to your plans? Are you happy with your first half of the year? I would like to hear about that.

Chipo K

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